Christmas At My House

           Christmas At My House

Christmas at my house is very fun. I wake up to my sister coming into my room and jumping on my bed to wake me up. Then we wake up our mum and dad. We go downstairs and open our presents. Then we give mum and dad the presents we got them.

Christmas background with decorations and gift boxes on wooden board

After we have opened our presents we eat breakfast. We then put the presents we got in our room. We then get ready because every year my granny, granda, uncle, aunt and cousin come down to our house and stay the night. When they get down we show them our presents . We have dinner. Then my other granny comes over with my other cousins. After that they go home and we get in fluffy pajamas and go to sleep.


Christmas child clothes on a table with gift and decorations. Flat lay copy space.

Christmas is my favourite holiday because I love spending time with my family. One of my favourite parts is decorating the tree.

Christmas morning, gifts under the Christmas tree. Gift boxes tied with a red ribbon

Thank you for reading my Christmas blog.

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