Coco Chanel

PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 28, 2017: Chanel shop in old Marais quarter. Chanel fashion house founded by Coco Chanel is symbol of haute couture and luxury goods.

Coco Chanel launched the first designer perfume. Coco Chanel gave us the most famous perfume called Chanel No 5. It was called Chanel No 5 because it was the 5th scent from her samples. Coco Chanel was pretty simple with with the names from her products.


THAILAND , BANGKOK, JANUARY 30, 2019: Chanel Number 5 Perfume in red glass bottle on white background .

Coco Chanel grew up in an orphanage. When she was 12 her mother died of bronchitis. Coco Chanel’s father sent her two brothers to work at a farm and he left the three sisters to the convent of Aubazine, which ran an orphanage.

RUSSIA - OCTOBER 11, 2015: Coco Chanel Noir (Black) Perfume bottle. Paris. France


Coco Chanel stepped into the world of fashion designing hats. Coco Chanel learned the art of sewing at the orphanage. Coco Chanel became a licensed milliner in 1910 and opened a boutique at 21 rue Cambon, Paris, France, named Chanel Modes.


Reenactment of the Chanel style of dressing and lighting

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Las Vegas - Circa December 2016: Chanel Retail Mall Location. Chanel is widely known for its high-end fashions II



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