Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe was born on the 1st of June 1926. Marilyn Monroe’s real name was Norma Jean Mortenson. Her first marriage was when she was 16 years old to Jim Dougherty. They were to be married for four years.The stage name Marilyn Monroe was made with help of Ben Lyon, the head of new talent at Fox studios. He said to her, ”You are to me a Marilyn ” which was based on a woman, Marilyn Miller, he knew who starred inĀ  musicals in New York. She asked then if she could her grandmothers last name, Monroe. That was how the name we know today was created.

NEW YORK, USA - CIRCA 2010: A postage stamp printed in Tadjikistan showing Marilyn Monroe, circa 2000

Marilyn Monroe was very well -read. Her bookshelf was exceedingly impressive. At the time of Marilyn Monroe’s death she owned more than 400 volumes.

VENICE, ITALY - MAY 6, 2012: Print depicting movie star Marilyn Monroe in famous posing is exhibited in Venetian print shop

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LAS VEGAS - OCT 23 : A waxwork of Marilyn Monroe at The Madame Tussauds museum in Las Vegas on October 23 2015 , The two-floor 30,000-square-foot museum has 100-plus wax replicas.



HOLLYWOOD, CA - DECEMBER 06: Marilyn Monroe star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California on Dec. 6, 2016.


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