A Day in the life of Me!

I wake up to my alarm on my phone ringing. I usually wake up at 7:45 on school days. So once my alarm goes off I go and brush my teeth. Once I’m finished brushing my teeth I get on my school uniform Then I go downstairs to get breakfast. After I get my breakfast I get in the car and my mum drives me and my sister to school. When I get to school we start the day by doing maths challenge. After maths challenge we do board sums. Then we do Irish verbs.After Irish Verbs we do an English day from our 360  days of reading. At 10:30 we do our reading until 11:00. At 11 we go outside and play for a while. When we come back inside we did Student Blogging Challenge. Then we went outside again at 12:30. When we come back in in a Monday a woman called Veronica. She is teaching me and my class about Irish Heritage and old Irish designs like stone carvings. Veronica stays with us until 3:00 then we go home. when I go home I get lunch. Then I go on my for an hour or so. Then I do my homework. When I finish my homework I play Minecraft with my sister. Then I play my phone for a while then I go to bed.


Thank you for reading my blog!

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