My class and I have entered the Student Blogging Challenge. This week is about commenting. I am going to tell you who I have commented on and what I said. I commented on a girl called Mackenzie. She did a blog on her very cute dog. I told her how cute her dog was and told her that I wished I had one. Next I commented on a girl called Millie. She did a blog about her avatar. She talked about Disney in her blog so I commented that I enjoy Disney too. Next I commented on a girl called Annie. She did a blog on her avatar also. She drew hers so I complimented her work. Next I commented on a boy called Nate’s blog. He did a blog on basketball. I commented on how much I enjoy basketball too.


Thank you for reading my blog!

1 thought on “Commenting

  1. Hi Eimear,

    Wow, you have done a lot of comments on blogs – good for you! It’s great for an author to get feedback on something they have written.

    You are now seeing both sides of writing a blog, being an author and being a commenter. Which one is more of a challenge do you think? Is it harder to write a post or a comment? I’m sure the bloggers you left comments for were happy to hear from you!

    Have fun blogging!
    Mrs Di
    HS Tech Integrator (NH-USA)

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