Monthly Archives: October 2018


Today my class and I  have learned about pollinators. We got to see a lot of different things. I now know that if fruits are not pollinated, they will rot. I was shown an example of an apple when it is not pollinated by bees. Wasps have created nests in all sorts of places, sheds, bird houses and top of trees. The queen wasp will always survive in winter. Wasps make paper by chewing wood. They can also make wax. Butterflies start as an egg. They hatch and become a caterpillers. When the catterpillers are ready they make a cocoon. The poplar hawk moth is the size of your palm! Moths come in all different colours. This is so they can camouflage from their predators. Bats are moths biggest predetor.  Honey can come from all different trees or flowers. Honey comes in different colours depending on which flowers or trees it came from. Most bee nests are built underground. We are lucky that we have bees in our life.